First year research student requirements

Students in the regular track must complete supplementary coursework, when required by the admission process. They must complete at least one of the required courses.


Submission and examination of the research proposal:

No later than 12 months after initiating his studies, the student must submit his research proposal to the departmental doctoral committee and department secretariat, written by him, signed by the advisor, and containing the following sections:


Cover page: date of submission, title in Hebrew and English, student name, advisor name, and the advisor's signature.

Summary (150 word limit)

Introduction: includes a brief review of the literature, a presentation of the problem being studied, and the justification for investigating it

Description of the stages of implementation

Materials and methods

Preliminary results

Research location, where relevant


Ethical aspects, where relevant such as animal or human subjects


The proposal will not exceed 10 pages, excluding figures.


The PhD committee will recommend an accompanying student PhD committee of at least two members, together with a member of the departmental PhD committee. Inclusion of the advisors in their students' accompanying committee is at the discretion of each department. One of the committee members must be from a different department from that in which the student is training. All members of the committee will have the academic rank required to supervise a research student. The departmental PhD committee will present the makeup of the proposed committee for approval by the faculty PhD committee.  Subsequently, the student will present his proposal before his committee. This meeting will take place at the latest, a month after submission of the research proposal to the departmental committee.  The student PhD committee will prepare an evaluation report, describing its recommendation to be approved by the faculty PhD committee (40.3).


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